Bold Talk Business Radio Adds a New Platform for Listeners

Exciting news! BOLD TALK Business Radio is thrilled to announce our new affiliation with Talk Network Radio (TNR), an Internet radio platform that spreads our news each week to a new audience of global listeners. Our new show starts today, August 17, 2016, and will air on Wednesdays between 1:00 and 2:00 PM EST—following the news. Join Us!

Tune in at 1 PM today (08.17.16)  for BOLD TALK’S  Space Talk segment with’s founding editor and space journalist JASON RHIAN.

tnr logo-1-crop-u110

We will continue our regular weekly broadcasts on AM 1060 WMEL—the terrestrial radio station, based in Cocoa, FL, where we launched BOLD TALK in 2008 and continue our regular format on Tuesdays at 1:06 PM EST. (Speaking of launch, both WMEL (The Talk to Me Station) and the TNR  studio are located within a few miles of the space launch pad at Kennedy Space Center, hence the inspiration for our Space Talk segments.)

Upcoming shows include tips for building powerful, more satisfying relationships in business and life with DR. DIANE KRAMER  psychologist and professor emeritus—airing August 24, 2016. The joyful KATHY KING life coach will join us on Wednesday, August 31 at 1 PM EST to share her thoughts on getting rid of emotional baggage and making the most of every day.

Expanding Programming, Extending Reach

The move to’s lively Internet platform allows us to expand our Space Talk segments, while continuing our ability to deliver premium business and professional content each week. Look for our all new insights, strategies, tips and tools for success every week on both stations!

JEFF HEISER, founder of Talk Network Radio, believes radio listening should be more of an experience than simply tuning into a station’s scheduled lineup. TNR offers On Demand radio through your computer, cell phone, or other personal device, as well as iPhone and Android apps so you can listen on the go! Stay tuned to learn about the new technology TNR is launching that will make listening on your chosen device easier than ever. You can download current APPS for easy listening on portable devices at both the TNR and WMEL websites. Check them out at: and

We look forward to knowing you are listening!



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