Getting Clear on Your Value Proposition

Marketing Demystified is a book written by Donna Anselmo.Do you know what an elevator pitch is? It’s a very short summary that quickly defines the value you bring to others. If you had only one opportunity to explain what you do in the short span of an elevator ride, could you do it?  Or could you use some help?

An elevator pitch is not just about who you are and what you do. A great elevator pitch lets others know the value you can deliver to them and others and helps people understand why they would want to do business with you. Develop a short, compelling and powerful statement that sparks interest by letting people know why people should do business with you.

For example, my elevator speech says: I build magnetic brands for companies who want to lasting connections with prospects, customers and clients. I show leaders and managers how to attract more visitors, prospects and customers. And I help small companies create more effective communications. I also can help elevate the value of conversations inside a company and between the company and its clients, while also training and transforming their teams for more success.

To make your elevator pitch really memorable, add a memory hook. If you haven’t done this already, give yourself a “handle” that helps differentiate you from the pack and helps people connect with what you do and why you do it.

For example, Kathy King calls herself the Joy Coach because she helps people celebrate and really appreciate their steps in life’s journey. Kathy says she made a few missteps along the way, learned from them, and came to appreciate the joy that comes with true gratitude. If you would like more joy in your life, you can learn more about Kathy’s process at

Take time this week to practice using your Elevator Pitch. Need help to write that? Or read other marketing tips in Marketing Demystified by BOLD TALK Business Radio host Donna Anselmo. Want more information?