Gratitude is Our Attitude

It’s always the right time to say Thank You. So today, we thank AM 1060 WMEL for our “On Air” access across Central Florida every Tuesday starting at 1:06 PM EST.  It’s our privilege to serve radio listeners with educational broadcasts on a wide variety of business topics. And to be able to reach beyond Central Florida’s 4+ million people by streaming live on the Web, too. We’re grateful to our listeners across the nation and across the globe. You are the reason we’re on the air!

We also are grateful to our many expert contributors for the information they freely share; and we are grateful that we were finally able to make time to create this blog space for us to share right here.

Speaking of space—be sure to tune in for Space Talk Tuesday, the first Tuesday of each month, starting at 1:06 PM EST. You’ll hear about space news, views and events from key experts in the aerospace and aviation industries. We are based on Florida’s Space Coast, after all! If you love the space industry as much as we do, consider visiting some of our favorite websites:, an exceptional independent online space journal chock full of space mission, launch info, videos, photos and live streams. And, if you love space stuff, visit, where you can find cool space tees, hats, polos, souvenirs and more. Space Shirts also will customize products for you and help you market yourself. Tell them you heard about them right here at BOLD TALK Business Radio!

Like Mental Magnets, Patterns Can Pull Us On or Off Track

Have you ever started a project all gung ho?  You go Rah! Rah! for a day or a week or a month, and as time goes by, your enthusiasm wanes and you find yourself focused on other stuff instead? Do you ever wonder why that happens? Do you let go of your new dreams and find yourself mired in the same old, same old? If you’ve been wondering why you lose motivation and what you can do about it, here are a few thoughts for you:

Most behavior is tied to beliefs, thoughts, and actions we’ve witnessed and/or repeated for ourselves many times since childhood. Over time, those thoughts, beliefs and actions become an automatic way of responding because they have been reinforced in our brains each time we repeat them. Patterns build up strength like a muscle; the more you work a belief, thought or behavior through your mind and body, the stronger it becomes. From infancy, the human mind has been cued to remember patterns. Patterns, by definition, are meant to be noticed and followed. In many ways, patterns create a base for speedy action and survival. Because they are efficient in some way for us (they get the same result over and over—even if its an undesired result), patterns  have staying power. Mental patterns automatically draw us, like a magnet, back to older ways of believing, thinking and acting. That’s why people get to feeling stuck in life and work.


Practice Mindfulness as a Pattern. Work on developing more awareness of your thoughts and feelings as they happen. Practice noticing them because when you aren’t aware of what’s going on inside your mind, it’s hard to change it.  That’s important because what’s happening inside your mind influences what you are doing outside in your world.

Perhaps you believe you could be crazy successful if you would just stay focused. Build that focus by consciously making an effort to tune into the thoughts, feelings and events that knock you off track. Begin noticing your feelings and your responses to them. When you catch yourself in a pattern such as procrastination or worry or fear or rebellion or a quick rise to anger, ask yourself what meaning that pattern holds for you? What story is lurking in your mind that makes you respond almost without thinking. What are you believing about what’s happening that locks you into an automatic response?

Remember—a pattern is an automatic response triggered beneath conscious awareness based on thoughts, beliefs, experiences and learning you’ve taken in along the way. As you become more mindful of what’s lurking behind your patterns, you can take steps to change them. As you do, remember to celebrate each little step along the way, even if it only gets you a little way toward your goal. Rewards (and a clear vision) strengthen and prolong motivation.

Take a Moment Now to Get Really Clear on What’s  Important to You. What do you really want to accomplish?  Consider why you want that and how important it is to you.

Remind Yourself several times a day, of why you want it and what you will do to make it happen. Reminders can take the form of sticky notes, letters to yourself in a journal, a prayer you repeat, or a mantra.

Talk About It as You Do It. Tell a friend, family member, or business associate the goal you’ve set and ask him/her to periodically check on how you’re progressing. Talking about your goal puts the world on notice that your plan is in the birthing process and your desire will soon become real in this world. It’s also a way of keeping you accountable and on track for making that happen.

Get going now while you feel motivated! (You took the time to read this article for a reason. What was that?) What do you want most in your life? Why is it so important to you? What do you need to do to make it real? How will you stay committed and on track? Sign up below for our BoldHeart Newsletter, and we’ll send you our Bold Heart Action Planning Guide. Yours for free! We think you’ll love it.



A Perfect Time for Change

Lunching on the deck at River Rocks after our radio show.

Co-Host Pete Anselmo joined me on the deck at River Rocks for lunch after a recent radio show. He looks so serious, doesn’t he? Actually, we had a lot of laughs that day.

We all make adjustments in business, and it’s no different in radio. Change helps us grow. The great thing we learn from change—whether in life or work—is that we actually can cope with it, even when change may be unexpected. We strengthen our resilience each time we navigate change, and we often learn a helpful lesson in the process.

Recently, WMEL’s station owner called me with a request to change my time slot so he could accommodate the needs of another radio host. BOLD TALK Business Radio was just one of many shows in the lineup affected by this programming change. The good news is after a brief discussion, we found a way to keep BOLD TALK Business Radio in its regular Tuesday time slot at 1 PM. For the time being, however, we will be airing 30 minute segments instead of the full hour.  You’ll definitely have to listen in Tuesdays from 1 – 1:30 to see if we are talking faster to fit all our news, insights, tips and tools for success  into our shorter time slot 🙂 We’ll do our best for you!

How did we weather the change? By asking the right questions. There’s great advice in one of my favorite books (The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz) and I regularly take it. Mr. Ruiz advises, “Don’t Make Assumptions!” Many relationships and deals go awry because people attribute the wrong meaning or motivation to events and actions.  For example, when asked to cut my time slot, I might have assumed that the station owner didn’t appreciate my show or didn’t care about my own business needs (Neither is true!). To avoid erroneous assumptions and jumping to the wrong conclusions, I’ve learned to counter assumptions by asking questions. In this case, it was simple enough.

I asked questions such as:

  • Why are you making this change?
  • What’s the reasoning behind that?
  • What if we moved the person you planned to move into my time slot into the 1:30 slot instead and left BOLD TALK Business Radio its regular start time because that’s when our listeners expect to find us, since no one is expecting to find that other show at 1 PM Tuesdays, anyway?
  • Is that possible? Can you work it out?
  • Will that be okay for [another host] who would be shifted into the 1:30 PM time slot?

Asking questions and exploring options helped us find a compromise that worked for the station and for our show. I like when we find a win-win solution. In this case, we gave up a bit of on-air time, but we gained valuable time off the air instead. The station owner and I enjoyed a helpful discussion, and other hosts were able to access time needed, too.

What Could be Better than Perfection?
I like to believe change happens in perfect time. What could be better than a break in your schedule just as summer begins? I now have an extra 30 minutes a week to  support our clients, plan upcoming radio shows, just breathe for a bit, or take a leisurely lunch break on Tuesday afternoons. After our show, Pete and I love to head toward Melbourne’s beautiful Intercoastal Waterway and enjoy lunch on the outside decks at River Rocks or Grills restaurants along the Indian River. In fact, I’m heading to River Rocks with a client friend, too. Time for lunch outdoors near the water is restorative for my soul. Summer is the perfect time for watching the sun sparkle dance across the river and (hopefully) feeling a light ocean breeze cool the summer spot where we’ve chosen to dine. Crab cakes, anyone?

Protect Your Online Privacy from Unwanted Marketing

If you’re concerned about the ways your browsing behavior is sold and marketed by Facebook, Google and other search firms, here’s something you can do about it.

A free tool to combat online peeping is available at the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) . It checks your computer to see what companies are targeting you with customized ads and allows you to opt out of the targeted ad for each of 177 companies participating with the DAA. Want to know more about yourself and who is really following you? Use the tool to:

  • See all the participating companies and learn about their practices;
  • Learn which participating companies have currently enabled customized ads for your browser;
  • Check whether you’ve already opted out from participating companies;
  • Exercise choice with some or all participating companies, using opt-out cookies to store your preferences in your browser; or
  • Opt out from all participating companies in one step.

For more information, visit: Digital Advertising Alliance Consumer Choice Page. In the meantime, be careful about which ads and Facebook posts you click on when using the Internet and social media platforms. Big Brother is definitely watching.


Being Bold Means Challenging the Status Quo

Ever wonder why I use the word bold so forcefully in my life and work? Years ago, when serving as executive vice president of the Long Island Center for Business & Professional Women, I invited business coach Andrea Kantor to deliver a mentoring moment at our monthly dinner meeting. While discussing potential topics with her, Andrea thought to encourage women to be more assertive and avoid giving away their power. We decided her five-minute mentoring moment would be about the need to be bold. Disappointed that I would be out of town the evening she spoke, I began spinning around the concept of being bold in my own mind. What did it really mean to be bold, I wondered? Was I bold enough? Was I giving away my own power? Did I need to be more bold in my own life?

I decided that being bold meant being willing to challenge myself and my assumptions, to step out of the status quo and into new areas of growth and possibility. In time, I developed my own bold formula for doing just that. As I did, I began getting the outcomes I wanted more consistently.

Years before, after graduating college with a degree in psychology, I worked as hypnotherapist. I studied and applied the power of influence communication to bring about change in people’s lives. I realized that we have tremendous power to influence ourselves by focusing on our own thoughts and beliefs. By checking our beliefs and challenging our thoughts and feelings, we can shift our viewpoints, change our  thinking and behavior patterns, and achieve outcomes beyond our wildest dreams. We can rewrite our own stories!

I’ve learned to believe in my power to influence myself and others. I don’t have to stick in a holding pattern. I can choose something else. I began to believe in my right to assert myself, even though I was raised to be seen and not heard. I began to own my own voice. I learned it was possible to be  logical and still operate from my heart at the same time. I’ve found the power in opening to opportunities. I became more passionate about what I do, and I have always been willing to dive in and do the hard work. I learned to integrate these concepts for more success and satisfaction in my life and work. I also learned that being bold means staying on a learning path. The more I learn, the more opportunities I create. The more I learn, the more confident I feel.

Want to learn more, too? You’ll soon be able to learn more about my powerful BOLD formula in the upcoming book, Be Bold, She Said! I believe that anyone can use it to enhance their personal life or to grow professionally. Can’t wait for the book? I can coach you through the process of connecting with more success and satisfaction in your life and your work—if you are bold enough to call me and ask for help. In the meantime, you can start yourself by noticing which of the beliefs you hold are determining your own choices in life. Want to chat about that? Contact me. And tune into BOLD TALK Business Radio on Tuesdays between 1 and 2 PM EST when we share new insights each week.

Getting Clear on Your Value Proposition

Marketing Demystified is a book written by Donna Anselmo.Do you know what an elevator pitch is? It’s a very short summary that quickly defines the value you bring to others. If you had only one opportunity to explain what you do in the short span of an elevator ride, could you do it?  Or could you use some help?

An elevator pitch is not just about who you are and what you do. A great elevator pitch lets others know the value you can deliver to them and others and helps people understand why they would want to do business with you. Develop a short, compelling and powerful statement that sparks interest by letting people know why people should do business with you.

For example, my elevator speech says: I build magnetic brands for companies who want to lasting connections with prospects, customers and clients. I show leaders and managers how to attract more visitors, prospects and customers. And I help small companies create more effective communications. I also can help elevate the value of conversations inside a company and between the company and its clients, while also training and transforming their teams for more success.

To make your elevator pitch really memorable, add a memory hook. If you haven’t done this already, give yourself a “handle” that helps differentiate you from the pack and helps people connect with what you do and why you do it.

For example, Kathy King calls herself the Joy Coach because she helps people celebrate and really appreciate their steps in life’s journey. Kathy says she made a few missteps along the way, learned from them, and came to appreciate the joy that comes with true gratitude. If you would like more joy in your life, you can learn more about Kathy’s process at

Take time this week to practice using your Elevator Pitch. Need help to write that? Or read other marketing tips in Marketing Demystified by BOLD TALK Business Radio host Donna Anselmo. Want more information?