Talking with Florida Today Business Editor Wayne Price

Wayne Price at WMEL StudioFLORIDA TODAY BUSINESS EDITOR WAYNE PRICE in the WMEL broadcasting studio. (Note this photo was taken when Wayne appeared for a previous interview on another show at WMEL.  Photo credit: Laurene Trent)

635597717291353192-WaynePrice-CroppedFlorida Today Business Editor Wayne Price joined Bold Talk Business Radio July 19th, 2016, to discuss trending news in Central Florida and issues of concern in the news media, such as the interplay of digital media and print media when it comes to article selection.

Wayne says his passion for small business leaders, business issues, and entrepreneurs developed while growing up in a family of small business owners. Wayne writes copy, produces video, and covers a variety of business topics every week in Florida Today. If you have business news of interest, email Wayne at with your story and your thoughts on why your news belongs in his publication. Also, pitch business story ideas to Bold Talk Business Radio by emailing: Let’s talk!

Hear Wayne’s interview:

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