Gratitude is Our Attitude

It’s always the right time to say Thank You. So today, we thank AM 1060 WMEL for our “On Air” access across Central Florida every Tuesday starting at 1:06 PM EST.  It’s our privilege to serve radio listeners with educational broadcasts on a wide variety of business topics. And to be able to reach beyond Central Florida’s 4+ million people by streaming live on the Web, too. We’re grateful to our listeners across the nation and across the globe. You are the reason we’re on the air!

We also are grateful to our many expert contributors for the information they freely share; and we are grateful that we were finally able to make time to create this blog space for us to share right here.

Speaking of space—be sure to tune in for Space Talk Tuesday, the first Tuesday of each month, starting at 1:06 PM EST. You’ll hear about space news, views and events from key experts in the aerospace and aviation industries. We are based on Florida’s Space Coast, after all! If you love the space industry as much as we do, consider visiting some of our favorite websites:, an exceptional independent online space journal chock full of space mission, launch info, videos, photos and live streams. And, if you love space stuff, visit, where you can find cool space tees, hats, polos, souvenirs and more. Space Shirts also will customize products for you and help you market yourself. Tell them you heard about them right here at BOLD TALK Business Radio!

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